The Story of PureWrist

The Story of PureWrist

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How it all began

Once upon a time the concept of imagination was born. In this moment, there is an undeniable power of creativity when merged with a vision. These gifts of life enable anyone to come with an idea. Then… Taking this idea and molding it into a structured meaningful business that makes a profit? Well, this is an integral part of the entrepreneur’s core being and one of key responsibilities they take on and live for. My Co-Founder happens to be my father and he is a 3 time Leukemia Survivor. His positive spirit, large heart, commitment to getting healthy and overcoming cancer is such an integral part of who we are and why we are enabling this business to give back to nonprofits. These organizations we will support are dedicated to making the world a better place and saving lives of those less fortunate across the globe.

PureWrist Family

All successful businesses of our time started somewhere and are the bi products of the entrepreneurial spirit within the company founders. With the help of all of the enterprise stakeholders they collectively add value to society in a variety of ways. With integrity, the organization creates a perceived marketplace reality by satisfying an emotional need of a customer, eventually evoking the customer to execute a transaction in exchange for the goods and/or services from this business. What is so powerful about this process is the company fulfills a need their customer possesses or a need they didn’t even know they posses before the customer encountered the business. The system is repeated over and over again through the course of time to create a sustainable business. In the modern era this is what fuels the majority of societies around the world and the billions of people who participate in this cycle whether they like it or not.

All structured businesses with a moral compass and drive provide overwhelming opportunity to the people associated with them. There is a deep value linked to stakeholders of these businesses by the space made available to them. It is liberating and enables them to showcase their creative capacities and fulfill their inner passions. This is one of the things that makes the founders tick and is a primary reason why our business was founded. Not to be absent in the founding principals is a selfless attribute which enables the business to have it’s own existence independent of it’s owners to inspire and touch others.

Tap for good

Our big idea and core vision from inception of the organization was to look at an existing day to day bracelet accessory and simply make it better than what was available. By taking a hard look at bracelets which are always attached to our body, the strategy for the business was born. Transforming an existing bracelet that millions of people are wearing – enhancing it, but with a purpose. After several years of research, brainstorming, formulation, development, passionate persistence and dedication, PureWrist has evolved and is currently not merely just an idea, but a privately-funded bootstrapped venture. The primary aim of PureWrist is to make life better and create value for the people behind the business, the customers of the business, and the charities who will benefit from the success of the business.

PureWrist Mission

The mission of PureWrist is to enhance advocacy with innovative payment solutions. Our innovative payment solution is taking existing technology, remanufacturing it, packaging it, and stylishly integrating it within proprietary designer bracelets. Surrounded by waves of passion and a giving back sensibility the founders bring a personal connection to philanthropy that influences day to day culture of life. Purpose has been prioritized in the business. The “advocacy” within our mission statement is the way the PureWrist business model is structured so charities reap benefits from the continued usage of the Gratitude PrePaid card as a method of payment. Our vision is to unleash the power of community where members collectively come together for something that is bigger than oneself. A community that incorporates giving back in to the most mundane daily routine.


A community that makes giving back a habitual and subconscious task. An action that is so simple and seamlessly tied in to current steps we take, thus bringing a greater sense of purpose and deeper sense of fulfillment to each individual. How does this happen? by tapping your PureWrist bracelet at merchant checkout terminals to purchase items. These are the items that fulfill our needs such as a pack of gum, bottle of water, a nutritional snack bar, hygiene products(toothpaste, deodorant, paper towels), a coffee, and a long list of goods that go’s on and on. We, at PureWrist, boldly envision a meaningful way to pay as a move to usher in the new era of alternative payments that is on the horizon. It is dawning faster than society can comprehend and it’s happening NOW. So join us as we all Tap for Good and create a meaningful way for all. Join us in this entrepreneurial journey. We hope it touches you and inspires you to do something that enhances your life for the better.