For Enterprise

PureWrist has the ability to enhance and amplify your business objectives with a customized wearable as a transaction vehicle.
Through several years of focused development, relationship building, industry education, and un-wavering persistence PureWrist has become a leader in this segment and is committed to delivering your business high quality and reliable solutions.
Applications available & in development include:
  • Payment (NFC) 

Simply use our bracelet to transact via contactless payment on open loop networks.  Just Tap It, keep it simple while adhering to all regulatory authority standards.

  • Events

Customized to meet your event requirements(Payment, Access, Data)

  • Access Control

Integrated access control.  The same bracelet can be used to pay at a merchant and enter your secure facility or office.

  • Co-Operative Branding

Want to partner and Co-Brand? The possibilities are abundant

  • OEM White Label Solutions

Want to market and distribute with your own branding or your customer’s brand?  This strategy is welcomed by PureWrist.  Customer’s wouldn’t even know PureWrist is behind the product. We have multiple projects like this underway.

  • Philanthropic Initiatives 

Want to promote philanthropic initiatives and increase revenues for your charity? PureWrist can help.

What drives us to be extraordinary:
Simplicity at it’s core
Innovation and constant improvement
The entrepreneurial spirit that is alive everyday and staying true to the PureWrist mission
Frictionless Experiences
Refining Turn Key Solutions
Commitment to excellence and satisfying our customers in the highest regard
To learn more about our robust enterprise offering reach out to us: