What can you pay with today by using your wrist?

What can you pay with today by using your wrist?

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PureWrist is positioning itself as a high quality, great value, and low cost enabler for you to pay with your wrist.

PureWrist is the simple and stylish alternative to more expensive and complicated wearable technology products being offered in the market, such as Apple Watch or other different products. Swatch group plans to launch a watch that includes payment functionality. Not to mention a focus on simplicity and direct use of payment only.

Today, this type of wrist wear focused on payment is nascent and PureWrist is one of the first to the general public providing this experience. It is present in the United Kingdom with what Barclays has done with their Bpay range of products as well as parts of Europe and Asia, but in the USA is behind. Below are a couple examples.

Apple Watch – Starting at $349 Apple Pay is one of the features included in the Apple Watch and when Apple does something the world listens.

Jawbone up4 in partnership with American Express $179 – Need to have an AMEX card and Up4 device for this to work.

PureWrist – $49 Doesn’t matter what card you have. Just fund it by using the platform.

It’s humbling to be one of the first to enter a commercial marketplace in a respected region and it is a responsibility that the company takes seriously and will handle building the business with humility, care, and confidence. Not only to be the first, but to be in the same category as some of the biggest industry leaders with a deep sense of purpose.


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