State of the payment ecosystem of the in-person transaction experience

State of the payment ecosystem of the in-person transaction experience

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Mainstream America is taking more notice of an ongoing transformation in the technology being used at the point of sale.  This is the experience when we pay for things at stores.  What do we do now?  Do we dip the chip card into the card reader? Pay cash? Swipe a card? Use a mobile app? Use NFC – Apple Pay, Samsung Pay on our mobile phones?  Or use an NFC enabled payment bracelet or a smartwatch? There are so many possibilities sometimes it can be overwhelming.  One thing is clear and that is the USA is joining the rest of the world on a international standard called EMV.  The more secure chip based technology that’s been around for years and years.


There have been many articles published, conversations had, and investments made to push all these new methods in the USA.  The reality is payment innovation is happening on a daily basis and intertwined to one of the most fundamental tasks we do to keep life moving – transact for goods and services.

What keeps us moving is to be curious, continuously innovate, refine, simplify, and stay committed to creating.

We are humbled to be a leader in a segment that is on track for incredible growth in the coming years.  The knowledge acquired and relationships developed over time, research, & development puts PureWrist on the cutting edge.  We are thrilled for 2017 and beyond.  Take a look at some of the videos posted on the PureWrist Instagram account to see the bracelet in action and follow us.

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