Moment Of Clarity

Moment Of Clarity

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Getting that moment of clarity when we transact in person for a physical item in real time.

We all have situations when we are on the phone or playing with an app while in the queue to checkout and on top of that attempting to carry a bag, child, notebook, briefcase, or just stuff. Secondly, perhaps it’s a quick step out the door around exercise to pick up an essential and we need a technological breather from our mobile device. Cash is not in the pocket and we don’t want to pay fees at an ATM, our wallet is jammed in our pocket or purse, and our phone is already engaged with. All these situations happen to the best of us and can be considered by some to be present at any given time in store.

Imagine taking this moment to liberate yourself? To free yourself of all these actions that might distract you? This is just one of the benefits PureWrist provides by enabling a transaction from the wrist by tapping, without a phone, without a wallet, without cash or change available.

Technology can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on the scenario. Let us embrace it to give us a moment of clarity and make life easier where we can.

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