Fashion & the lifestyle freedom of bracelets

Fashion & the lifestyle freedom of bracelets

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Imagine a world with no fashion what would that feel like? Boring, Uniform, Empty? Fashion ads a spark, it moves people, it enhances the senses, and it provides an identity to people. Fashion enables expression without saying a word, which then makes us feel good.

One of the categories that falls within fashion is wrist wear and bracelets. These are products that affix to our wrists and while on sitting on our wrists they declare style.

Wrist wear and bracelets provide one a lifestyle of character and feeling of being apart of something bigger than ourselves.  Bracelets can act as a badge of honor, an accessory of style, a showcase of who we are as an individual.  That’s only on one wrist, when we get to the other wrist then we have watches.  Watches have been around for hundreds of years and have morphed into a product that generates billions of dollars of revenues for a large global industry.  When we think watches, we used to think Switzerland and Rolex and now we think Apple and all the other startups attempting to launch a smartwatch with technical functions. Culture is constantly evolving.   Technology is moving so fast that products can become outdated as quickly as they are created, but one thing remains and continue to remain. A human being’s desire to feel good is as strong as ever and this will never go away.  

The wrist is a canvas on all of us and does have a unique representation relative to other body parts when it comes to fashion.  The wrist like our other parts such as feet, think shoes!, present a business opportunity for many companies and job creation.

Think about a world where this same style and feeling persist, but now the bracelets and wrist wear can be put to use in a simple, logical, and practical use case.  The bracelets all of a sudden maintain the same look and feel, but have a functionality to them.   A function that seamlessly blends into the lifestyle.  The exchange – exchanging something for something by actually putting this fashionable bracelet to use. Think about when you are in person and make transactions, you are essentially exchanging something(cash, credit card details, data) for something(food/drink, consumer products, clothing, access to a secure or private area, reward). That is what we do everyday we transact and exchange all day long. We are exchanging data we are exchanging something all day.  It’s incredible to think this way, but we are transacting constantly and it drives our lives.

PureWrist is here to enhance and amplify existing with something modern and innovative – utilizing wrist wear and bracelets which provide a simple function.  A logical and feel good way to transact.  A method that integrates into the fundamental exchanges of something for something. This is a key part of the mission and also a large business opportunity on a global scale.  

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