Experience & Feeling

Experience & Feeling

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What do these two words mean to you? Aren’t we all seeking a good feeling by making choices? These two words are connected in some way, shape or form to everything we do in our lives. Our jobs, personal activities, school, business activities, family, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, things we buy, food we eat, and places we go. Experience & Feeling are apart of a deeper area that perhaps we aren’t fully aware of.

Brands and the most successful technology companies seem to have figured it out. What’s the point of spending $5000 on a time piece or $700 on a mobile device when you can get them for 80% less? Because it makes the recipient experience something that makes them feel a certain way. It’s simple isn’t it? People don’t know what they want! And, if they do, they have a hard time articulating what they truly desire.

PureWrist attempts to engage experience & feeling by providing an approach to go about day to day life in a modern and enhanced way. It might be new and foreign to some. Time will tell, but when the largest companies in the world are investing millions into creating a new payment ecosystem, it will come. It is just a matter of time.

Think about it for a second…


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