Contactless, Tap to Pay, Touchless Payments – Call It What You Want

Contactless, Tap to Pay, Touchless Payments – Call It What You Want

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PureWrist integrates contactless payment technology to allow you to make in store purchases using a bracelet. Embedded within the bracelet is a tiny prepaid debit MasterCard that can communicate with payment terminals. The card inside the bracelet bracelet is connected to an account you can manage via You can easily make one time or recurring transfers to your bracelet from a checking account the same way we pay bills online, and if a bracelet is lost or stolen the funds in the account are secure as they remain protected in an FDIC insured account from Sunrise Bank NA.

Purewrist’s payment technology is powered by the ecosystem of service providers brought together by PureWrist. The card itself inside each bracelet is a reloadable prepaid MasterCard. PureWrist is designed to work with contactless payment terminals, meeting the international payment standards of MasterCard and securely holding your banking data in compliance with industry protocols. Besides being safe, PureWrist is also ethical. As part of the social mission PureWrist will be donating a portion of the company’s revenues to charities your choice. We realize that how we consume determines what we condone. Traditionally that has meant that you support the companies you purchase from, but PureWrist puts an interesting twist on this premise. Once you select your desired charity PureWrist will donate a portion of your account’s monthly service fee to the charities. That means that no matter what you purchase, a portion of your expenditures will be used to fund your desired charity. We are entering new times, and PureWrist is a step into the future that isn’t fixated on the past. Why continue to make purchases in a way that reifies an outdated and unfairly biased economy? Sure, profits keep businesses going, but in many cases the relentless pursuit of profit is the reason why charities need to exist in the first place. We don’t think that we can fix the world, but we can definitely do our part to make it better with your help.

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