Charity and Fitness Related Events

Charity and Fitness Related Events

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One of the ways that PureWrist joins forces with philanthropy is by supporting charities who are connected to Fitness related events. This is done by PureWrist creating formal relationships with these charities who believe in the amazing fusion of fitness and philanthropy. Event organizers are committed empowering individuals and allowing their events to be a platform where they can make the world a better place. Therefore, philanthropy is deeply tied into the largest organized half marathons, marathons, 10k’s, 5k’s, walks, etc. where the participants have to achieve a fundraising goal to enhance the support and fund the charity in order to earn entries into them. You can learn more by clicking on the page of the NYRR, which is one of the largest marathon organizers in the world:

Thousands Run In New York Marathon

Having run 3 marathons and 1 for charity over the last 3 years here are some..

Keys to a successful training program and overcoming challenges:

1) Create a plan

It’s so critical to create a plan for training. This framework will help you get your mind in the right place as you embark on the training journey.

2) Commit to the plan

Stay true to the plan and ensure you are following it at least 95% of the time. It’s so important that you prepare your body and mind for the big race. When you feel like you want to not train, push through the barriers and focus on the positives.

3) Don’t be shy to ask for funds for the charity

It’s ok to ask your network for support. If you don’t ask you don’t get. The tools offered are very helpful in the process

4) Have fun

Don’t forget to just have fun and enjoy the training and money raising phase. Realize you are doing something good for the world that you should be proud of.

5) Eat properly

Eat timely and healthy as this will give you great advantages in your training. A car can’t operate without fuel, so fuel your body with nutrients

6) Race Day

Smile, be in the moment, and soak up the true joy of running an event for a charity. It’s a very special experience.

We challenge you to try this one day

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