EMV, Tap to Pay, And What It Means For You

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Transactions are as old as life itself. In the beginning they were mostly grotesque, and often brutal. Thankfully humans evolved beyond this kind of primitive exchange and we invented currency. And, while the role of currency in humanity is contestable, it is nonetheless an inextricable element of commerce, society, and life. Currency is the reason why you don’t have to grow, harvest, and process the plants you eat. It’s also the reason why you don’t have to raise, slaughter, and butcher the meat that you eat. Currency is also the reason why you can get a computer, and drive a car. It has created a network on Earth that is tied to nearly all human activity. The transaction of currency is a fundamental of contemporary life. Over the ages currency has taken on different forms from bricks of salt, cowry shells, coins of precious metal, printed paper money, banknotes, and more recently credit cards, and bitcoins. All of these changes in currency’s forms have coincided with changes in society and culture.

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5 Reasons You Need A PureWrist Bracelet

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Social Good

Connecting your day to day simple routine purchases back to philanthropy. Pennies go a long way!


Yes, living in modern day society means that you are always on the go, texting, searching online, reading the news on the go, checking social media, working on projects, etc. Having and using PureWrist to transact is a convenient way to get through the super busy days and pay while you are doing things on the phone. Or simple even leaving your phone or wallet behind for a moment. Keep it simple with a tap of the wrist.


Safer then cash. PureWrist is encrypted with the same security features found with a standard issued debit card with a 4 digit pin. It will leave you feeling at ease with peace of mind knowing your funds are safe in a FDIC insured bank account. Remember, if lost/stolen simply contact support to cancel the card.


Super comfortable wearable bracelet on the wrist designed with care and passion. A stylish treated silicone bracelet that is very smooth including intricate attention to detail such as the engraved hardware and embossed logo.


Taking the familiar and doing it differently. It’s no secret this type of technology is available around the world, but PureWrist has creatively and meaningfully brought it together like no one else.

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The Story of PureWrist

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How it all began

Once upon a time the concept of imagination was born. In this moment, there is an undeniable power of creativity when merged with a vision. These gifts of life enable anyone to come with an idea. Then… Taking this idea and molding it into a structured meaningful business that makes a profit? Well, this is an integral part of the entrepreneur’s core being and one of key responsibilities they take on and live for. My Co-Founder happens to be my father and he is a 3 time Leukemia Survivor. His positive spirit, large heart, commitment to getting healthy and overcoming cancer is such an integral part of who we are and why we are enabling this business to give back to nonprofits. These organizations we will support are dedicated to making the world a better place and saving lives of those less fortunate across the globe.

PureWrist Family

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