Fashion & the lifestyle freedom of bracelets

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Imagine a world with no fashion what would that feel like? Boring, Uniform, Empty? Fashion ads a spark, it moves people, it enhances the senses, and it provides an identity to people. Fashion enables expression without saying a word, which then makes us feel good.

One of the categories that falls within fashion is wrist wear and bracelets. These are products that affix to our wrists and while on sitting on our wrists they declare style.

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Charity and Fitness Related Events

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One of the ways that PureWrist joins forces with philanthropy is by supporting charities who are connected to Fitness related events. This is done by PureWrist creating formal relationships with these charities who believe in the amazing fusion of fitness and philanthropy. Event organizers are committed empowering individuals and allowing their events to be a platform where they can make the world a better place. Therefore, philanthropy is deeply tied into the largest organized half marathons, marathons, 10k’s, 5k’s, walks, etc. where the participants have to achieve a fundraising goal to enhance the support and fund the charity in order to earn entries into them. You can learn more by clicking on the page of the NYRR, which is one of the largest marathon organizers in the world:

Thousands Run In New York Marathon

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Recognizing Paterns

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It’s important to take a step back outside the box from the everyday routine and bombardment of all that we are going through. If you haven’t tried it yet, it is very refreshing to gain perspective. To mentally and physically step away for a moment gives you the space to recognize the large scope of where we are today, your place in the world, and how you fit in as a global citizen, and how we can seize opportunities.

In order to look forward, we have to look back. What society was doing in the 1990s isn’t the same as the things that people are doing today and will be doing in 5 years time. There is a new generation of everything from processes to people, largely thanks to the incredible pace of technological innovation.


Innovation & connectivity has disrupted existing legacy industries that have been around for generations. What this has done has created uprisings that are magnified in the traditional media and polarized public and private perspectives.

The only constant in the world is change so it is our duty as an innovative business to recognize patterns, identify the variables of these patterns, and then capitalize on these patterns.

This played an enormous part in the founding and vision of where PureWrist has the potential to go.

Try this exercise and use it to your advantage to capitalize on something that might just pop up from this process.
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Moment Of Clarity

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Getting that moment of clarity when we transact in person for a physical item in real time.

We all have situations when we are on the phone or playing with an app while in the queue to checkout and on top of that attempting to carry a bag, child, notebook, briefcase, or just stuff. Secondly, perhaps it’s a quick step out the door around exercise to pick up an essential and we need a technological breather from our mobile device. Cash is not in the pocket and we don’t want to pay fees at an ATM, our wallet is jammed in our pocket or purse, and our phone is already engaged with. All these situations happen to the best of us and can be considered by some to be present at any given time in store.

Imagine taking this moment to liberate yourself? To free yourself of all these actions that might distract you? This is just one of the benefits PureWrist provides by enabling a transaction from the wrist by tapping, without a phone, without a wallet, without cash or change available.

Technology can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on the scenario. Let us embrace it to give us a moment of clarity and make life easier where we can.
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After running the New York City Marathon on Sunday it brings up an interesting topic in our offices today. Commitment..

Commit to commitment. All things that are worth something take time. We like to think about this during the challenging moments, because if there isn’t a challenge or something that is of substance then it probably isn’t worth it in the long run, it will just be the temporary fix. If you have ran a marathon you can attest to this.
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Experience & Feeling

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What do these two words mean to you? Aren’t we all seeking a good feeling by making choices? These two words are connected in some way, shape or form to everything we do in our lives. Our jobs, personal activities, school, business activities, family, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, things we buy, food we eat, and places we go. Experience & Feeling are apart of a deeper area that perhaps we aren’t fully aware of.
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Contactless, Tap to Pay, Touchless Payments – Call It What You Want

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PureWrist integrates contactless payment technology to allow you to make in store purchases using a bracelet. Embedded within the bracelet is a tiny prepaid debit MasterCard that can communicate with payment terminals. The card inside the bracelet bracelet is connected to an account you can manage via You can easily make one time or recurring transfers to your bracelet from a checking account the same way we pay bills online, and if a bracelet is lost or stolen the funds in the account are secure as they remain protected in an FDIC insured account from Sunrise Bank NA.

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