5 Reasons NFC & RFID Is The Future

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PureWrist products integrate contactless technology.  Contactless enables you to simply tap your bracelet against readers that are set up for this. Contactless is another word for NFC and RFID.  It uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The same thing you have witnessed when someone taps a card to get into a secure building space, subway, hotel room, or pay for something at when tapping against a reader.  It’s quite simple and found all over the world.   It’s the same underlying chip based technology powering Apple Pay and payments methods in android phones when someone waves or taps their phone to a reader.  PureWrist bundles this chip hardware into a unique form that can be used all over the world.

Here are the the top 5 reasons NFC and RFID will be a large part of the future transactions.

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State of the payment ecosystem of the in-person transaction experience

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Mainstream America is taking more notice of an ongoing transformation in the technology being used at the point of sale.  This is the experience when we pay for things at stores.  What do we do now?  Do we dip the chip card into the card reader? Pay cash? Swipe a card? Use a mobile app? Use NFC – Apple Pay, Samsung Pay on our mobile phones?  Or use an NFC enabled payment bracelet or a smartwatch? There are so many possibilities sometimes it can be overwhelming.  One thing is clear and that is the USA is joining the rest of the world on a international standard called EMV.  The more secure chip based technology that’s been around for years and years.


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