5 Reasons NFC & RFID Is The Future

5 Reasons NFC & RFID Is The Future

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PureWrist products integrate contactless technology.  Contactless enables you to simply tap your bracelet against readers that are set up for this. Contactless is another word for NFC and RFID.  It uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The same thing you have witnessed when someone taps a card to get into a secure building space, subway, hotel room, or pay for something at when tapping against a reader.  It’s quite simple and found all over the world.   It’s the same underlying chip based technology powering Apple Pay and payments methods in android phones when someone waves or taps their phone to a reader.  PureWrist bundles this chip hardware into a unique form that can be used all over the world.

Here are the the top 5 reasons NFC and RFID will be a large part of the future transactions.

  1. Global – This standard is found globally in every world region being used by many different companies in many different industries.  So therefore the same type of technology being used in the USA can be used in Australia or Brazil and many more.
  2. Simplicity & Affordability – It’s extremely simple and just makes sense to transact like this.  The costs are very reasonable.
  3. Business Opportunities – There is a enormous industry around it so therefore it will naturally evolve and innovate with the times since there is an economic force.
  4. Security – New programming schemes and protocols have left this technology more secure than ever.  The chips can also be read by mobile devices
  5. Applications & Adaptability – The technology can be applied in so many real world areas that require necessary transactions – Look at a transaction as an exchange of data.

Payments ( EMV & Closed Networks) – Exchanging a form of currency at a store or at a private resort to buy food, drinks, material objects.

Ticketing – When you enter ticketed area a physical exchange needs to take place when you arrive.  Either you give someone a piece of paper, scan a barcode, or tap your bracelet.  Why not incorporate RFID & NFC.

Access – when you enter a secure area you need to use a key to get in and this key can be digital stored on a chip.  RFID is used when you enter your office building or residential building and tap something.  

Transit Systems – NFC & RFID can be used as your monthly transportation pass.  In the largest cities in the world you will find this contactless standard powering the ticketing systems.  More and more cities will be adopting to this standard as we move into the years ahead

Any physical connection where an exchange of data (secure data) takes place this technology can be integrated.

Together with contactless technology PureWrist is acting as one of the vehicles to move these transactions into the future in markets all across the world.   We have perfected the design and manufacturing for the mass market in this category.

We all wear bracelets so we can feel good and look good, so why not allow them to actually perform the most necessary mundane things in our lifetime.  

It is very liberating and feels good to just leave your phone in the pocket or in the bag for a moment.  

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